Patrixbourne and North Green


This pair of very big houses dominates the western end of the village as the Manor Houses do at the eastern end. They are also superficially like them in the variety of gable heights and mock-Tudor applied timbering. However, the Manor Houses date from the 1600s while Patrixbourne and North Green were built in the late 1880s or early 1900s. The style is a revival of picturesque Tudor and Jacobean features, which is typical of houses in the late Victorian period.

Dating these two houses presents a problem because the 1876 O.S. map shows buildings of a similar footprint on the site but they don’t appear in the 1891 census or in Kelly’s Street Directories before 1900, and the present house names are first listed in 1911. Previously they were called Red Lodge and Redlands, and the coloured postcard shows that the bricks and tiles were in fact red rather than the modern cream.  The turret decorating the east end of Patrixbourne has been reduced in size at some time since the postcard photograph was taken.

Until 1866 there were two cottages on this site which belonged to the Goodwin family (part of the adjacent farm, see Hall Court and Hall Cottage). They were occupied by George Bennett, plumber, glazier and painter, and John Spawforth, a shoemaker.

‘Datchet Yacht Club’

During the early twentieth century the Datchet Yacht Club was run privately as a social club in North Green, but nobody now seems to know the reason for its name. Although it was kept very quiet at the time, King George V used to play billiards there while Queen Mary gossiped with her friends; Datchet was used to behaving discreetly when royalty paid visits. By the 1950s the club had closed but it was revived by Tom and Lily Batty when they bought the whole property in the late 1960s. This flourished for about fifteen years as a congenial meeting place for a particular group of Datchet residents, where Lily (an excellent cook) provided meals and the occasional black-tie dinner was held. The whole venture came to an end in the 1980s.  (Personal communications from Tony Griffiths and Bill Middlemass 2009)

Censuses and Kelly’s Directories

Year North Green Patrixbourne
1970 Kelly’s Thomas & Lily Batty G. Legg
1950 Kelly’s Michael James O’Riordan
1947 Kelly’s Mrs Leese Michael James O’Riordan
1935 Kelly’s Mrs Upcott
1924 Kelly’s Capt Simon E.H.Orde Col  Edward Roper Waldron Kelly
1915 Kelly’s Reginald F.H.Duke Col  Edward Roper Waldron Kelly
1911 Kelly’s Edward K Burstal Col  Edward Roper Waldron Kelly
1910 rating valuation owner: Burstal, occupier: self owner: Samuel Barker, occupier: Col Waldron Kelly
1907 Kelly’s not listed as Redlands: Col S.H. Inglefield
1901 census Red Lodge: Gregory H Fullerton Redlands: Emily Clarke


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