Montagu Road


Montagu Road and the Avenue were developed on farmland which until 1875 had belonged to the Goodwin family of Goodwin House in the High Street. It was the first land beyond the old village centre to be sold for housing as Datchet’s Victorian population boom began. By the late 1870s speculative developers had bought plots from the original land sale purchasers on which they built fashionable but generally modest ‘villas’ in a variety of styles, materials and configurations, which gives the road its continuing attraction. There was always a marked social mix of owners or occupants here, unlike in some other areas of the village. Local people who had done well, particularly those in the building trades, moved into the new houses alongside middle-class incomers many of whom were London commuters.

Generally, the earliest houses are closest to The Avenue as development spread eastwards. Later, and further down the road, it seems that one or two wealthier clients commissioned more ambitious houses in larger plots. More development has continued to the east in recent times, while every possible gap in the original road has been infilled and several older houses have been demolished and rebuilt.

This page aims to list all the older houses by their modern street numbers, with modern and previous names and a thumbnail photo. House names are a real problem in identifying buildings because they were so often changed or replaced by numbering, but until after the second world war house names predominated in addresses throughout the village. Modern infill and replacement houses are also included in the older part of the road to complete the numbering sequence. The first census or directory listing of a house and occupant (not necessarily the owner) gives a guide to the building date; later census surnames and Kelly’s Directory listings are only given when there is a change.

The current information has been compiled by Paul Bonnici-Waddingham using the censuses (‘C’ 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911) and Kelly’s Street Directories (‘K’, published every few years from the 1880s to the 1970s), as well as some owners’ deeds and local memories, but there are inevitable gaps in the sources and in the information given here. The photos were specially taken by Alison Crampin and Allen Corcoran. The north and south sides of the road are listed in separate sequences, and note that there is no house numbered 13 in the road.

This page is still in writing so please get in touch if you can add or correct any information about the houses or their occupants, thank you JK

For more information about the four WWI soldiers who lived here and are named on Datchet’s war memorial, click to visit the WWI pages on Datchet Village Society’s website


The 1875 sale plan on the left shows the huge area of land south of the railway line that was sold for housing and became The Avenue and Montagu Road. The smaller area to its north became the Green Lane cottages and Trent Villas estate. By 1899, the Ordnance Survey map (not at the same angle as the sale plan) shows that most of the present Avenue and Montagu Road houses had already been built, with some spaces that were soon to be filled. (Click for larger images.)

North Side sequence (on left going down road)


1-3 Montagu IMG_1821

1 & 3, Jasmine Villas

no 1: C 1881 Wishart; C 1891 Ross; C 1911 Mooney; K 1947 Wood

no 2: C 1881 Shirley; C 1911 Manley; K 1940 Webb

5-7 Montagu IMG_1823

5 Fernlea;  7 Sidney Villa

no 5: C 1881 Spawforth; K 1928 Brooker; K 1947 Wood; K 1950 Reader

no 7: C 1881 Davis; C 1891 Judd; K 1907 Bridgeman; K 1915 Smith



9-11 Montagu IMG_1825

9 Cleveland Villa; 11 Cotfield Villa / Dene House

no 9 only: C 1881, Darling (+ Canton); C 1901 Inglis; C 1911 Rossiter; K 1947 Howard; K 1950 Wagstaff

House 11 added to house 9 before 1900 by Darling who owned whole plot.

no 11: K 1899, Davey; C1901 Killick; C1911 Brown; K 1930 Spurling; K 1947 Meggs; now P B-W

15-17 Montagu IMG_1826

15 Dalkeith Villa / Egerton; 17 Montagu Villa

House 15 always as two flats
no 15a: C 1881 Flockton; K 1887 Fenn; C 1901 Rogers; C 1911 Rev Trimble, house renamed Egerton; K 1915 Cambray; K 1940 Ethel Davis (JK’s great-aunt)
no 15b: C1881 Rhodes; K 1915 Sweet (Tankerfield?)

no 17: C 1881 Roake; C 1891 Johnson; C 1901 George Huntley, ex-schoolmaster at village school, now St Mary’s; K 1924 Woodley; K 1947 Brooker; K 1924 Blakesley; K 1928 Foales; K 1940 Jenkins; K 1947 Thirlway

19-21 Montagu IMG_1827

19 Essex Villa; 21 Elmfield Villa

no 19: C 1891, Styles; C 1911 Cambray; K 1915 Swinfen;
no 21: C 1891 Saunders; C 1901 Edward Page, new headmaster at the village school; C 1911 Wheeler; K 1915 Nash; K 1920 Doe; K 1928 Baynham; K 1947 Sutcliffe; K 1950 Hamilton

23 Montagu IMG_1828

23 Charlton Cottage

C 1891: Joel; C 1911 Lumb; K 1915 Wheeler; K 1939 Parker, who sold the land for 23A;

23a Holly House, Montagu IMG_1830

23A Holly House

House built in 1999 on land sold by owner of no. 23

25-27 IMG_1833

25 Timsbury; 27 Amesbury

no 25: C1911,Loftus; K 1915 Miss Lennox-Boyd; K 1947 Newcombe

no 27: C1911, Hewetson; K 1924 Major Hall; K 1947 Dadley

29-31 IMG_1836

29 Rossdene; 31 Forestdene

no 29: K 1899 William Sears; K 1911, E.W. Page, village school headmaster, moved from n0 21; K 1947 Hill

no 31: K 1899 Jones; C 1911 Wellman (landlady); K 1940 Prentice

33 Montagu IMG_1837

35 Sylvaton / Beechwood

C 1901: Warrell; K 1947 Harley-Mason, house renamed Beechwood

Datchet War Memorial Soldier: Leonard Warrell’s family owned a fishmonger’s and poulterer’s in Eton before moving to Datchet in the 1890s. He joined the Royal Garrison Artillery before the war and served in India where he had various ailments including pleurisy and a swollen knee. He died of heart failure during a medical operation on his knee in Peshawar in June 1915.

 37 Montagu

37 Glenshee

C1891 Aldridge; K 1928 MrsAldridge; K 1950 Seymour-Griffin


37a IMG_1840


House built 1962-1977


39 Montagu 1889 (2)

39 Branxholm

C 1891 Atkinson; C 1911 Benton (house as ‘Ontario’ this listing only); K 1915 Miss Evans; K 1940 Mrs Bingham; K 1947 & 1959 Mrs Payne-Webb

Date on facade: 1889

41-43 Montagu IMG_1845

41-43 The Tyles

House built 1932-1962

59 Montagu

59 Holmcroft

K 1895 Blackstone; (1899+ as Holmcroft /Holmecroft); K 1911 Brookes-Ward; K 1915 Mrs Blarney; K 1924 – 1939 Miss Lovett, Nursing Home (not found after this in Kelly’s)

61 Montagu

61 Byrness

K 1899 Nelson; C 1901 Gowan; K 1907 Dundas; K 1911 Capt Jerrard


South side sequence (on right going down road)

(Photos and details of semi-detached houses are numbered R-L as seen from street)

4-2 Montagu IMG_1875

 4 & 2 Northlea Villas

no 4: K 1883 Flockson; K 1889 Turner; C 1901 Dickinson; K 1939 Bettles

no 2: K 1883 Bicknall; K 1899 Dickinson; C 1901 Turner; K 1907 Turner; C 1911 Dickinson (?); K 1920 White; K 1940 Dadley


 8-6 IMG_1873

Numbers 8 & 6 Claremont Villas

no 8: K 1887 Rhodes; K 1899 Windsor; C 1911 Boot; K 1911 Farmer; K 1915 Freestone (?) K 1950 Linton

no 6: K 1883 Martin; K 1887 Kirk; K 1899 Wellman; C 1911 Farmer; K 1950 Linton;

12-10 IMG_1872

 12 Milton Villa; 10 Selwood Cottage

no 12: K 1883 Lane; C 1891 Thirza Bidwell; K 1895 Thomas; C 1911 Gillot F; K 1947 Bolton

no 10: K 1883 Roake; K 1895 Widcombe, Arthur; C 1901 Widcombe Arthur; K 1947 Mrs Widcombe

Datchet War Memorial Soldier: Arthur J Widcombe, the only son of Athur C Widcombe, a coal merchant, was born at Selwood Cottage in 1898. He served on the Western Front and went missing in action at Cambrai in April 1918 but his death wasn’t confirmed until November. He was a close friend of Sidney Burfoot at 32 Montagu Road, and news of their deaths arrived in the village at the same time.

16a&b-14 IMG_1871

16A + 16B Fairfield Villa; 14 Mayfield Villa

no 16: C 1891 being built; C 1901 unoccupied; C 1911 Fraser; K 1915 Clark; K 1950 Feeney

no 14: C 1891 being built; K 1895 Webb; K 1940 Webb

18 IMG_1869

18 The Cottage

C 1891: Richardson (caretaker only in residence); K 1891 Carson; C 1901 Wright; C 1911 Carpenter; K 1915 Mrs Styles; K 1924 Bartlett; K 1928 Surg.Capt. W Hingston; K 1950 Mrs Hingston

22 IMG_1867

Number 22

First appears in 1962 map

26-24 IMG_1866

26 Devonshire Villa; 24 Norfolk Villa

no 26: C 1891 Aaron Knight; K 1895 Mrs Knight; C 1910 unoccupied; C 1911 Mrs Cropley; K 1924 Mrs Pollard; K 1947 Hawes; K 1950 Miss Hawes

no 24: C 1901 Hawes; C 1911 Southgate; K 1928 Mrs Southgate; K 1940 Maj. Smith; K 1950 Miss Hawes

28 IMG_1865

28 Langham Villa

C 1891 Kirk; K 1947 Blatchly; K 1950 McCarthy

30 Russett Cottage IMG_1863

30 Russet Cottage

Maps show as built post-1930

K 1940 Stead; 1947 Mrs Stead

32 Haslemere IMG_1862

32 Haslemere

C 1891 Fenn (boat hire, Kris Cruisers site, boat building & storage on land rear of this house)
C 1901 Fenn; C 1911 Mrs Fenn; K 1931 Burfoot (partner in boat business); 1947 Instance

Now Porsche garage at rear, on site of boat business

Datchet War Memorial Soldier: Sidney Burfoot’s family ran the boat hire business, at the riverside and used the space behind their house as a boat yard. From late 1916, Sidney was a dispatch rider. He was sent to France in 1918 and shot during an advance. News of his death arrived in the village at the same time as that of his close friend Arthur Widcombe at no. 10 Montagu Road.

32a Sussex Cottage IMG_1860

32A Sussex Cottage

Built 1932-1962

 34 Whiteladies IMG_1843

 34 Riverholm / Whiteladies

C 1891 Riverholm, Searle (Australian merchant); C 1901 ?; K 1911 Crease, Thomas; K 1924 Capt Thomas Crease; K 1939 (as Whiteladies) Thorn; 1947 Froebel School, Miss Underwood


34a IMG_1856


34b IMG_1855


36 Kinross IMG_1854

36 Kinross

K 1947 Shurlock; K 1950 Harlow

38 Montagu IMG_1852

38 The Bend

K 1947 & 1950 Knott

40 IMG_1850

40 Hornecliffe

C 1891 Roberts; K 1899 Killick; C 1911 Crease (also see no 34); K 1915 Henry Batty; K 1928 Capt H E Batty; K 1931 Capt. Goddard; K 1947 & 1950 Maxwell Stamm

40a IMG_1847

40A 20th century extension to Hornecliffe

42b-42a IMG_1846

42B & 42A Norham

C 1901, Williams; K 1911; K 1920 Soden, A; K 1924 Elliot-Smith; 1950 Soden, L

Datchet War Memorial Soldier: Harold Corbet Soden, like his brother Leslie, had joined the Officer Training Corps at Marlborough College. Datchet was their family’s country retreat. He was killed in action; his brother, wounded by shrapnel, was later awarded the Military Cross and lived here for many years afterwards.

(Houses beyond here all 1940s or rebuilt recently)