Conservation Area

A  large part of the centre of Datchet was designated as a Conservation Area by the Royal Borough’s Planning Department in 1995. This means it is worthy of preservation or enhancement because of its special architectural or historic interest. The quality and special interest of the area as a whole is intended, rather than just that of specific buildings, although some of these are also protected by Listed Building status.

The Conservation Area Statement outlines Datchet’s history, topography, street patterns and chief architectural features, as well as trees, open spaces and views. All of these were considered in the original designation more than twenty years ago, and since then the intended protection and enhancement of the area does seem to have been achieved.

If you own residential or business property in the Conservation Area, there could be restrictions on any proposed alterations, including shopfronts and advertisements. Owners are advised to check with Datchet Parish Council or RBWM for planning advice before carrying out any work.

To check whether a building is in the Conservation Area, download the zoomable map below. For more general information, see the illustrated extracts or the full Statement.

Click on these links to download PDFs

Conservation Area Map

Illustrated Extracts from the Conservation Area Statement

Full Conservation Area Statement 1995