Welcome to Datchet History, a website which complements Janet Kennish’s published books on the history of Datchet. The book Datchet Past gives a chronological account of the village and its people from prehistory to the twentieth century, while in these webpages you’ll find more information on some of the topics that could only be touched on there.

This website is mostly about the way in which Datchet has developed over many centuries. At the core of the website are street and house histories which trace some surviving buildings back to medieval times, but also describe the great Victorian expansion following the railway’s arrival. Very many families are met along the way, and if you find names here that you are researching do contact us to ask if further information is available.

And this is a view of Datchet 100 years after the banner photo above:

Cartoon by Jon drawn in the 1960s for Datchet

The header image is from the first known photograph of Datchet, mid-1870s

The cartoon is by Jon, drawn in the 1960s for people he knew in Datchet


Your comments are very welcome, as contributions or corrections to current pages, suggestions for topics, or queries about any aspect of the history of Datchet. Just use the Contact Us page.